11 ideas for coffee breaks and catering that you will love

When organising a convention, meeting or celebration, it is important that the Coffee break or whichever form of catering service you have contracted is up to the standard of the event, and meets the expectations of those attending.

In this article, we are going to give you 11 ideas for surprising Coffee breaks that will ensure you exceed all expectations.

1. Battleground Coffee break

If you want to transport your guests to a military camp, along with the use of certain elements that resemble camouflage, use containers that look like tin cans, metallic water bottles and flasks……if you also set up small green tents, the experience will be even more authentic.

Image: Barceló Jerez Montecastillo (Bootcamp)

2. Laboratory Coffee break 

The surprise factor is guaranteed, especially at a visual level. Use containers that resemble laboratory material or plates that appear to have been used in a scientific experiment. Play around with mixes of flavours, textures and colours. Guaranteed fun.

Image: Barceló Sants

3.Street food Coffee break 

Why deny it? Everyone likes a take-away or some street food from time to time. Cardboard boxes, plastic and paper wrappings are perfect to create this effect.

Image: Barceló Hamilton Menorca

4. Chromotherapy applied to the Coffee break

Group food together by colour to transmit sensations and moods.

If you are interested in this theme, please read the following article: “Chromotherapy applied to catering for events

5. Galactic Coffee break 

Be inspired by films set in space or transport your guests to a spaceship.

6. Countryside coffee break

Everyone loves home-made food, traditional dishes, things you can buy in a village shop, with local produce. Use wooden stands, paper that resembles newspaper or clay bowls and plates. You can even use the original packaging to decorate your setup and as a symbol of authenticity and quality.

Image: Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort

7. Sweet treats Coffee break 

Who doesn’t like a little treat, some chocolate, sweets or cakes? After an intense work session or Friday meeting, this type of coffee break is always appreciated.

9. The Trompe l’oeil

Play with the senses and create optical illusions that surprise and grab the attention of your guests.  In this image below you can see an example; it looks like a pizza, but it’s made of fresh fruit.

8. Healthy Coffee break

Healthy Meetings have been on offer at hotels in the Barceló Hotel Group for a few years now, a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle applied to the world of meetings and events. Healthy food that revitalises, aids concentration and stimulates the mind.

Discover more about the Healthy Meetings philosophy here.

10.Halloween Coffee break

Don’t miss the opportunity to organise a terrifying coffee break, no need to wait until Halloween, but if you do it around that time of year, you are sure to impress!

11. Fantasy Coffee break 

Let your guests play like children, just for a day.

Leave a comment and tell us which coffee break you liked the most or just share any idea of different examples that you can think of.

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