5 reasons why you should get your team out of the office

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According to a study by the University of Columbia, companies that do not pay much attention to their company culture have a 48% staff turnover probability, while companies that do have a solid corporate culture that ensures employees feel valued, have only a 14% probability.


Other studies also show that companies with a culture and policies that seek to reward employees and to make them feel valued, manage to retain talent longer and increase productivity.

In this article, we’re going to show you one of the best ways to maintain a good working environment and to foster relationships among colleagues and teams. Add activities to your company culture that are rewarding on both a personal and a professional level, activities that take your employees outside their normal workplace, and you’ll build the best version of your team.

Getting out of the office and interacting with your colleagues in an environment that is totally different from where you normally see them, has several benefits. But mainly it serves to open the participants’ minds so that they can see things from different perspectives, without being interrupted by phone calls, meetings or emails.

The members of the team will be able to focus on socializing and on seeing sides of their colleagues that they haven’t had the opportunity to discover in other circumstances. This will undoubtedly improve how they relate to one another.

If you also arrange fun activities that involve putting the participants’ physical, creative and leadership skills to the test, then you’ll be well on your way to building the best possible version of your team.

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Taking your team out for a day away from the office to take part in different activities will have a positive impact on their day-to-day work and on achieving their long-term objectives. Not only does a cohesive and satisfied team lead to a better working environment, it also has economic and productivity implications for the company.

1. At increases satisfaction

Feeling satisfied with the work they do and the company to which they belong is essential if your employees are to be productive and if they are to feel motivated to achieve the objectives, and also therefore to prevent absenteeism or having teams that feel unmotivated.

2. It increases loyalty 

Maintaining the loyalty of your employees is a question of costs. The less turnover there is in a department, the more efficient it will be. Replacing a worker at a basic level can cost between 30 and 50% of their annual salary and up to 400% if we are talking about upper management.

Organizing teambuilding activities outside the normal workplace increases satisfaction and strengthens the employee-company relationship.

3. It improves the relationship between work and personal life

Stress, a lack of motivation and not enough time to reconcile work and family life often result, sooner or later, in an employee taking the decision to change company. Organizing original, fun and rewarding out-of-office activities helps to break the routine, reduce stress and add a touch of fun to the day-to-day working life.

4. It improves communication

The daily routine and the regular channels of communication among teams and colleagues are a constraint, and on many occasions, you may well know somebody you talk to all the time but you’ve never met them in person. The old saying that being able to “put a face to a name” is crucial and often we don’t give it the importance it deserves. Non-verbal communication is very important for humans, and a lot of information is lost in e-mails and phone calls that would otherwise help us to get an idea of what that person is like. The messages we send in emails or on phone calls dehumanize communication a little.

Meetings tend to be formal and more often than enough there is not enough time to be able to better understand what situation our colleagues are in or what their priorities are. Having a one-to-one relationship, putting a face to a name and getting to know each other better can greatly enhance future communications between people and teams.

5. It increases collaboration 

This last point is a consequence of the previous one. Taking people out of their daily work habitat forces them to break with routine. This means they have to relate to each other in a different way, face to face, with less red tape, in a more relaxed atmosphere, and that they feel able to approach each other in a more human way. This will improve collaboration, because looking upon other people as fellow humans helps us to empathize with and better understand the needs of others, and therefore to improve our relationship. People will be better disposed and more involved when asked to cooperate or work together.

boot camp en EspañaThe objective of this type of meetings is not to have fun, even though that is vital if they are to work and succeed. The main objective is to improve the personal relationship between people, because at the end of the day, they are the driving force behind a company, they all have a role to play. If these people enjoy a solid and strong relationship, the wheels will turn with more strength and efficiency.

A vital element in the success of activities of this nature, is where they are held. Depending on what you want to organize and the objective you have in mind, some places will be more appropriate than others. Perhaps you prefer an outdoor location in the midst of nature, or somewhere with sports facilities, spacious rooms that allow you to organize workshops, places in rural areas far from the madding crowd or the roof of a building with a spectacular view of the city; you may even go to a Military Boot Camp. It all depends on your company culture, the objective behind the trip, the age and the number of participants.



Getting out of the office to carry out activities, to socialize with colleagues and to break with routine has many benefits for employees, and therefore it also has a positive impact on company profits in the short and long term. Keeping your team motivated, maintaining their loyalty to the company and a good relationship between colleagues is fundamental if they are to get up every day in a positive frame of mind and to give their best both as an individual and as a team member.

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