Barceló Milan: a hotel with an award for quality and design

Barceló Milan

The Barceló Milan is not only a different and innovative hotel for holding conferences, it’s also a hotel designed to respect the environment, an aspect that is becoming ever more important when choosing a venue for Meetings and Events.

barcelo-milan1The architect and interior designer Simone Micheli, author of the Barceló Milan, designed various advanced bioenergetic systems to optimise energy consumption and adapt the production of thermal energy or cold air, enabling the acclimatization of the hotel according to the specific requirements at each moment.

barcelo-milan2Image: Simone Micheli

The use of renewable energies and innovative systems that take advantage of light, heat and water to optimise their usage and employ the energy created by these elements, together with his original design, have enabled Simone Micheli to win the “International Hotel & Property Award 2015”, in the “European hotels of over 200 rooms” category.

barcelo-milan3This prestigious prize was awarded by a jury formed from the best international professionals from the real estate sector, from construction and from the hotel and catering industry, who were very impressed by the design and the high standards of quality.

Simone Micheli is one of the five best designers in Italy and this is not the only award he has achieved thanks to the design of the Barceló Milán. In 2012, this hotel was recognised by the “Interior Design” magazine in New York with the award “Best of the Year Honours 2012”.

barcelo-milan5The design of the hotel is inspired by nature and because of this it plays with light, forms and colours in a magical way. One of the restaurants has even been turned into a forest, with birch trees planted around the tables.

barcelo-milan6Evidently, one of the principal aims of the project was sustainability, but also the capacity to surprise with the design, as can be seen in the décor of the rooms, the furnishings and the daring combination of colours. This means that the hotel is perfect for fresh, dynamic conferences and meetings that will be associated with design, innovation and sustainability.

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