Send your employees to a military training Bootcamp to improve productivity

Bootcamp militar Barceló Montecastillo

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re suggesting that you send your employees to a military training camp so that they can increase productivity and make an effort to achieve their goals. It’s not that we want your staff to prepare to go to war or that we think they need more discipline, it’s about rewarding them for a job well done or so that they can start the year highly motivated, as a fully active cohesive team.

What we’re proposing is that you organise an incentive trip with a different, surprising format that combines teamwork, physical activity and fun. A military Bootcamp like the one we have at Barceló Montecastillo, the best in quality and facilities in the whole of Spain.

bootcamp_micers_meetbarcelo_barcelo_montecastillo_5It has been demonstrated that companies that organise incentive trips for their employees help to increase productivity, reinforce the bonds between colleagues and improve the relationship between the company and its employees.

Activities that involve teamwork together with leisure opportunities are the perfect combination for an incentive trip.  

Bootcamps have become a phenomenon in the United Status and have recently started to gain popularity in Europe, where they are being set up and consolidated. We’re talking about intensive training based on the exercises used by the US Marines, where not only do you work on physical and mental ability but also on promoting values like comradeship, effort, surmounting problems and the spirit of sacrifice. But above all, it’s designed so that the participants can break with their routine, have fun and interact in an original way.

bootcamp_micers_meetbarcelo_barcelo_montecastillo_6The participants become soldiers that form part of a platoon, section or company to create team spirit. Each challenge faced by that platoon has a specific objective with physical tests as a team. Every programme is designed to suit each group and has a definitive purpose.

The exercise sessions, lead and supervised by fully qualified instructors, are held outdoors within the hotel grounds and are interspersed with rest periods when the “platoon” can relax whilst enjoying a “Heartbreak Ridge” style coffee break or lunch from the Healthy Gourmet menu.

bootcamp_micers_meetbarcelo_barcelo_montecastillo_2The Barceló Montecastillo provides magnificent facilities with football pitches, golf, swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, tennis courts, paddle tennis and also a convention centre where you can hold team meetings. So, as well as the Bootcamp activities, participants can also enjoy the other facilities on offer and get the most out of the incentive trip.

This hotel forms part of the most sustainable hotels, inaugurating a biomass plant that turns the olive stones from the olive trees in the resort and other organic material into clean energy to heat all areas of the hotel and the water in the pools and water circuit at the U-Spa. All this makes the Barceló Montecastillo the perfect place for companies committed to the environment and interested in organising more sustainable meetings.

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