“Bienvenidos soñadores”, the event that made the #Eventprofs dream

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It is not easy to surprise the public that attends an event. Even less so if we are talking about surprising events organisers, who are working every day with suppliers, looking for new ways to surprise their public, and who also attend infinite events during the year, their own and others.

You must be creative and innovative if you want your events to be memorable. For as extravagant as an idea appears to be, you must believe that it is always possible to make it a reality.

barcelo_eventos_workshop_44Barceló Hotel Group organised a very exclusive event on the 3rd of December at the Occidental Atenea Mar (former Barceló Atenea Mar), aimed at professionals from the MICE industry, who were greatly impressed with the concept of the event and the production. The objective was to demonstrate that any idea or event can become a reality at the chain’s hotels and for that reason the dream theme was chosen, with which a parallelism was created between dreams and events; turning the event planner into dreamers.

To generate an air of mystery around the theme of the event it was decided not to fully reveal what it was about, the invited guests were only told that it was something related to the world of dreams. As a teaser campaign masks were sent out and the attendees asked to be prepared to dream.

barcelo_eventos_workshop_33Several areas of the hotel were completely transformed in order to recreate different dreams. A route was marked out so that the guests went from one dream to the next, starting in the lobby which was the beginning of the dream, passing through a darkened room, an enchanted forest and coming to an end in a wheat field where a pianist provided musical entertainment.

barcelo_eventos_workshop_99barcelo_eventos_workshop_66On arrival, the attendees were greeted with a welcome drink and they were given a key with which they had to try and open one of the three chests containing prizes located in the enchanted forest.

barcelo_eventos_workshop_22The lobby was decorated with coloured clouds hanging from the ceiling, video mapping projections on umbrellas, a large Barceló logo made from cotton wool and a four-poster bed that symbolised the beginning of a dream.

The room with glow-in-the-dark figures and the photo booth located in the enchanted forest were very popular with the attendees.

barcelo_eventos_workshop_999barcelo_eventos_workshop_88This is not the first event for which Barceló has transformed areas of the hotel, having done it last year with the Hotel Barceló Torre Arias in Madrid, with an event called “Invade Barceló”, that won an award for best decoration and another for best product presentation at the Eventoplus award ceremony.

For an event to be successful it is vital to understand the audience that you are targeting, to be very clear about the reason why you are doing it and the message that you want to get across. Also, you must be creative and innovative in order to surprise and ensure that your guests remember the experience. Surrounding yourself with the best suppliers is fundamental, as is choosing a venue that allows you to turn any idea into reality, for as extravagant as it may appear to be.

The key points for organising a successful event are; knowing your audience very well, being very clear about the purpose of the event and to know the main message that you wish to deliver.  

Once you have these three points clear, then you can start to think about the concept and how you want to set the scene to catch your guests’ attention and make sure they will remember your event. If you manage to create an experience and to connect with the guests’ emotions, you will ensure that your event remains in their memory and reinforces their connection with your brand.

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