Barceló Hotel Group confirms the recovery of the MICE industry

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Coinciding with the Meetings & Events International Day, Barceló Hotel Group has analysed the financial report of 2016. Looking at the numbers it can be confirmed that the MICE industry have recovered from the recession and the investment is getting higher.

The venues belonging to the chain brought 2016 to a close having hosted over 6.500 events and generated over 90 million euros in income, 30% more than in 2015.

Coinciding with the International Meeting Day, being celebrated next Thursday the 6th of April,  Barceló Hotel Group has analysed the results obtained by the hotels in the chain with regards to CCI at the end of 2016, and these results have confirmed that business tourism appears to have definitely recovered from the recession.

According to Txema Xutglà, Commercial Manager for the Iberian Peninsula, “during 2016 the establishments belonging to the Barceló Hotel Group worldwide hosted 6.548 events, generating over 90 million euros in income, which represents a 30% increase on that achieved the previous year by our specialized MICE division, MeetBarceló”.

In this respect, he adds “it is worth highlighting that, although the European hotels have organised more events, the hotels that have generated the greatest income are those in Latin America, particularly the Barceló Maya Grand Resort and the Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort, that between the two have the capacity to host over 10.000 participants”.

Top 10 hotels based on income:

  1. Barceló Maya Grand Resort (24 millions €)
  2. Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort (10,2 millions €)
  3. Barceló Sants (8,3 millions €)
  4. Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento (6 millions €)
  5. Barceló Asia Gardens (5 millions €)
  6. Barceló Aran Mantegna (4,4 millions €)
  7. Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort (4,3 millions €)
  8. Barceló Milan (2,1 millions €)
  9. Barceló San José (2 millones €)
  10. Occidental Atenea Mar (1,6 millions €)

The Barceló Maya Grand Resort and the Barceló Sants lead the TOP 10 hotels that generate the most CCI income and that organise the greatest number of events throughout the chain respectively.

Top 10 hotels based on number of events:

  1. Barceló Sants (666 events)
  2. Barceló Guatemala City (533 events)
  3. Barceló Hamburg (398 events)
  4. Occidental Praha (321 events)
  5. Barceló Valencia (321 events)
  6. Barceló Aran Mantegna (318 events)
  7. Barceló Milan (306 events)
  8. Barceló Brno Palace (270 events)
  9. Barceló Maya Grand Resort (261 events)
  10. Barceló Málaga (241 events)

Industria MICEImage: convention of a pharmaceutical firm at Barceló Maya Grand Resort

About Barceló Hotel Group:

Barceló Hotel Group, the hotel division of Grupo Barceló, is the 3rd largest chain in Spain and the 44th largest in the world. It currently has 116 urban and holiday hotels (4 and 5 star hotels), and almost 34.000 rooms distributed throughout 20 different countries and marketed under four brands: Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Barceló Hotels & Resorts, Occidental Hotels & Resorts and Allegro Hotels. It also owns 100% of the shares in Crestline Hotels & Resorts, an independent hotel management company in the United States that has a portfolio comprising over 100 establishments.

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      Thank you Phill! We are really happy to share this information with our readers. These numbers are excellent news for the company as well as for our clients. We are always working to improve our services and products and deliver the best experience. These numbers show us that we are in the right direction. Thanks again for your comment and for following us.

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