Work hard, play hard: the new model for MICE trips

Viaje MICE Barceló Montecastillo

The spending on professional business trips will increase in 2017 motivated by an improvement in the economy, according to the first edition of the Barometer of Business Trips, issued by Brain Trust Consulting Services (CS). However, companies won’t spend their money in just any manner, given that the majority of the worldwide active population are millennials, the profile of the business traveller has changed, and much more than a comfortable hotel room, they are looking for a more enriching experience and a more personalised service. They are searching for a change in MICE sector trips, something that allows them to combine work with the chance to have fun and enjoy the surroundings.

Barceló Montecastillo

Barceló Montecastillo enriches the experience of business travellers with initiatives that allow them to disconnect and improve results at the same time.

How do we adapt in order to meet these new expectations from business travellers as well as providing technological facilities and free Wi-Fi, hotels like Barceló Montecastillo also give their guests the opportunity to experience something different and make the most of available free time without leaving the resort.

Viajes MICE Barceló MontecastilloOne of the important aspects taken into account when choosing accommodation is the availability of a gym with classes, and so Barceló Montecastillo provides individual and group activities that, as well as being a way of disconnecting, work on aspects that have a positive influence on work results, such as the power of concentration or self-confidence. One example is the Touché Business Program, applying fencing to business, with strategies, tactics and mental preparation.  Alternatively, those that have less time available or prefer individual training, can stay in one of the Suite-fit, a room that becomes a VIP gym where you can work out with a personal trainer at a time to suit you.

actividades para viajes de incentivosIn the case of group business trips, something else to consider is the need for the millennials to socialise and get to know their colleagues outside of a purely working environment. To encourage this interaction, Barceló Montecastillo has started the Executive Bootcamp, an intense activity based on US military exercises, promoting values that are very important in business such as teamwork, effort, overcoming challenges, the spirit of sacrifice and, of course, lots of fun. These features have made this the team building activity par excellence for MICE groups.

Hotel para convenciones Barceló Montecastillo

About Barceló Montecastillo

A benchmark Health & Wellness Hotel, the Barceló Montecastillo provides the opportunity for guests to enjoy the natural surroundings in a fully renovated hotel at the heart of Andalusia, and to take advantage of the facilities and tailor-made services for sports lovers. There is a spectacular 18-hole golf course designed by possibly the best golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus; 3 professional football pitches that often host football teams including the Spanish national squad and League teams such as F.C. Barcelona or Real Madrid, and European clubs such as Manchester United, amongst others.

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