Group Activity Planner, a new tailor-made service for MICE clients

The  Barceló Bilbao Nervión hotel is providing a new service called Group Activity Planner, especially designed for Meetings & Events clients.

With the intention of providing unique quality experiences for our guests during their stay, the Barceló Bilbao Nervión hotel has created a new Group Activity Planner service, which offers groups visiting the hotel the opportunity to engage someone who will be dedicated exclusively to creating a programme of leisure activities and entertainment specifically for them, adapted to the duration of the stay and the preferences and requirements of each group of guests. This hotel in Bilbao, a popular destination for conventions and corporate events, has designed this new service specifically with its MICE clients in mind.

The service will include a ‘planner’ who will organise unique and exclusive recreational activities for groups.

It is perfectly understandable that groups meeting at the hotel for work reasons or for professional training often feel that they are missing a break between sessions, however, lots of time – and resources – are frequently wasted by organising an activity that doesn’t suit everyone, either due to a lack of knowledge about the destination or down to insufficient forward planning. For this reason, the Barceló Bilbao Nervión hotel provides the opportunity to delegate all the entertainment for the trip to experts who really know the city.

The Group Activity Planner will organise a diary with different recreational proposals, that could range from a boat trip along the Nervión river and a guided visit to the Guggenheim Museum, to a private dinner at one of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

This new service will be the responsibility of the Guest Experience Manager, a post newly created by the hotel with the aim of ensuring that every guest has a unique, comfortable and memorable stay.

The benefits of strenghening the bond between work colleagues

Although opinions vary about the benefits of creating a bond between work colleagues, it is true that on a business trip the ideal situation is to establish a good relationship between the members of the group and this is achieved when colleagues share quality time, away from the office and work activities.

One of those who recognise the benefits of creating close relationships between colleagues, the psychologist Patricia Córdoba from Madrid, outlines three advantages of having employees who socialise outside working hours:

1. When employees know each other better, communication is more comfortable, fluid and easier.

2. They learn to receive criticism in a more positive way, as the more information one has about the person giving the criticism, the better contextualised the comments are within the working and personal environment.

3. Moments of tension at work are reduced because colleagues are more likely to introduce an element of fun and laughter into the working environment.

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