6 reasons why an event is such an efficient means of communication

Sometimes it is difficult to justify the organisation of an event or to decide whether it might be better to invest that budget in another type of campaign. In this article we are going to tell you about the advantages of organising an event so that you can provide a solid argument and justify your proposals to management or other marketing teams.

Organising an event has many advantages over other types of campaigns, for several logical reasons and because of the format style.

1. The memory is stronger and lasts longer

Memories are strongly related to our emotions. We tend to remember something more clearly and for longer when that event had a greater emotional impact, whether that impact was positive or negative; although our brain usually forgets negative memories in order to assist with our emotional stability.

It has been demonstrated on many occasions that experiencing something first-hand achieves a deeper emotional connection. Therefore, a live event will always be more effective in this sense; it is more likely that our public remember our messages if we manage to touch their emotions using the experience that we have prepared for them.

2. Your audience comes to you voluntarily

In contrast to what happens with other types of communication actions, in the case of events, the audience attends voluntarily and has an interest in finding out what you have to offer. It is a golden opportunity, perfect for launching the messages you want to get across and that your target audience captures the message in a good way and is grateful for the information.

3. You have the full attention of your guests

Linked with the previous point, when someone attends an event they do so with a   greater predisposition to hear your message, in fact when someone attends an event, they do so with the intention of giving you all of their attention, especially if they have paid to attend.

It is up to you to take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact on your public. They will be actively paying attention to you for a certain amount of time, with no interruptions.

4. Group mentality/belonging

Everyone that goes to a venue, conference centre or function room where an event is being held, are going for the same reason, even if the public is a varied one, all of them have a common interest in the product, brand, service or sector that is promoting itself.

Coinciding with a group of people, whether it be numerous or not, that have a common interest produces an emotional reaction of confirmation, something worthwhile, that it was a good decision to attend that event. Don’t disappoint them, make sure they leave happy.

5. Direct interaction with the public

Few formats allow the public to interact directly. See, touch, listen, debate, ask….in the end, all this is transformed into an emotional and sensory experience which is much completer and more productive than any other format.

6. Mental/creative stimulation

Being outside a known environment, out of the office, the house or the usual places where they work or socialise, the audience will be much more alert, their brains will be working harder, trying to capture all the input and analysing everything that they are receiving via their sensorial system.

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We are sure that there are some points that we’ve missed, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and give us your point of view. We would love to gain more information and be able to mention you in one of our articles.

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