Decalogue of DO’s & DON’Ts so you don’t end up with a mainstream event by @barcelosants

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For many events organisers, the difficulty is in how to surprise with a different, creative proposal that also achieves the objective: organise a memorable event that will dominate conversations and be an example of how to do things.

The Sants Orbital Station wanted to share their decalogue of DO’s and DON’TS with advice for organising events that surprise and are as attractive as they are productive for participants, remaining in their “top of mind”.

The hotel Barceló Sants is a MICE benchmark in Barcelona, and is a hotel able to provide a twist that differentiates any type of event or meeting thanks to the design of the hotel itself and also for its capacity and flexibility in accommodating large events.

With more than 3.000m2 distributed over 14 rooms, able to welcome 1.500 attendees, all kinds of events have been organised here; from small meetings and workshops up to vehicle exhibitions, large product launches and events that have completely transformed the rooms of the hotel.

How to be different from the rest of companies and avoid doing a mainstream event?


1. The location of the event: A convention centre or an orbital station? It’s not the same thing to be meeting in grey room as it is to feeling weightless and about to take off. The venue should be unusual and daring. Good lighting can create a memorable ambience and can even be personalised with branding, so much so that few will imagine that they are in a sales meeting rather than pushing the sound barrier. The location must also be central, a connection hub with public transport, the AVE train and the airport

2. Technical facilities: Now that “Minority Report” returns in series version, only those multipurpose spaces that have technology on their side will survive. A reception with digital access control will make you feel like Tom Cruise passing the control points, digital screens on the access door with personalised audiovisual content with the company corporate logo and Wi-Fi connection or Conference Concierge will help the public to interact with the company in a more dynamic way and encourage sharing via streaming.

3. Gastronomy:  Being able to interact with guests and network whilst enjoying the best in gastronomy is a plus. The finger food trend is growing, especially when presented in a really creative way, and allows the participants to enjoy the best in miniature restaurant food while conversing with their colleagues. And, to end the day, we recommend a relaxed chat with a galactic cocktail in your hand.

Barcelo_Sants_Ibtm2015_galactic_event4. Key speakers influencers: The choice of a suitable speaker will increase attendance and will help build a solid brand image. This influencer, at the same time, will amplify the message across their professional channels, contact network and their own social networking sites.

5. The guests: Contacting personally with the guests will create a preliminary bond with the brand and offering the option of an advance inscription, an “early bird” will give exclusivity to the event. Meeting them during the event and facilitating every comfort will increase their final level of satisfaction with the event and the company that organised it.


6. Extra costs: Planning every aspect of the costs in advance will avoid having to face unforeseen expenses at the last minute, such as the welcome drink or the coffee break, extension of the Wi-Fi reach, luggage storage, deliveries to the rooms, parking or audiovisual material requirements.

7. Don’t improvise: At an event, leaving something to chance is almost never a good idea. One thing is to launch a brainstorming session and it’s another thing altogether to send someone up to speak without previous warning. Error. In the event that something doesn’t go to plan, the flexibility and availability of the hotel staff when faced with unforeseen circumstances will be crucial in order to remedy the problem.

8. Don’t mess with the timings: Your guests always like to feel that everything is under control and everything should have a definite duration. For example, a speech that is too long, apart from boring the public, loses strength. Sticking to the timetable is very important and on many occasions, something good, if also brief, is twice as good. A sensible option is to use digital screens that show the timetable for the day and makes it easier not to stray from the planning.

9. Not be creative: An event aims to be surprising, creating a unique experience. Introducing co-creation dynamics will help shape the day, the same as surrounding yourself with the right team that can suggest ideas. Sometimes it’s good to do some brainstorming and let the imagination take over.

Barcel0_Sants_Ibtm2015_galactic_party_210. Not collecting post-event feedback: One of the most common mistakes made is that of not getting the feedback, something that is crucial in order to amend any errors made and for planning future events, implementing certain improvements and cementing the relationship with those that attended. At the same time, it is vitally important to share this feedback with the venue where the event was held.

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