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Convención Punta Umbría

There are many reasons why a company or department decides to organise an annual convention.  Generally, the aim is to show the company’s results, explain future strategies or even to look at new market trends. To do this, presentations are organised where the managers or team leaders can lay out the facts and plans. These presentations can be complemented by work or training sessions, to develop the knowledge and abilities of the participants and in this way, have a much better prepared team.

However, not everything is work, there should also be time for leisure, for the participants to take a break and disconnect. For this reason, the perfect complement for a convention is a team building activity, encouraging group cohesion and allowing them to strengthen their relationship whilst having fun. This is fundamental to ensure teams work together in a fluid manner and forms of cooperation are established between them.

In this article, we will give you 5 ideas to engage the whole group in joint activities, achieving an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Also, organising a convention where all the guests can participate in activities and games will mean they take good memories away with them and, of course, that they are motivated both at and after the event.

flashmob punta umbríaThe hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort has created a meetings package which can be combined with any of 5 possible Team Building activities.  Here we shall explain them briefly to provide you with some inspiration:

5 ideas for team building activities for your next convention:

1. Escape Room:is the latest trend in leisure and is now beginning to reach the MICE segment. It involves locking a group of people in a themed room and by working together to figure out clues and by-passing tests they manage to find their way out.

2. Flashmob:made very popular a few years ago, but still very much in demand, as it is the perfect activity for a whole company or group to participate together and all at the same time. The result is spectacular and great fun.

3. Zumba / Salsa class:an activity that requires coordination, technique, memory skills and physical exercise can be beneficial and lots of fun. Especially if done with a group of colleagues with whom you would not normally try this kind of activity.

4. Human logo on the beach:it may sound easy, but it’s a fun and interesting challenge. Making a giant company logo with everyone taking part isn’t that simple; it requires organisation, leadership skills and coordination. The result is also spectacular, and the photo of the end result will be kept as a great memory of the day by all the participants.

5. Tapas Masterclass:everyone likes to eat well and taste delicious food, and it is a pleasure to learn how to prepare our favourite tapas and others not so well-known that require a little skill. Learning to cook as a group is great fun, and everyone enjoys it.

If you are interested in learning more about our ideas for your next convention, including any of these activities, please find further information here: Convention and Team Building at Punta Umbría


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