Surprise your guests by organising your next event at a hotel with awards for interior design

The Letra Awards celebrate their XVIII edition by recognising the excellent signwriting project in the B-Lounge lobby at the Barceló Málaga hotel, a surprisingly unique establishment that is considered the best business hotel by media such as the prestigious art and design magazine, Wallpaper.

Barceló Málaga receives the Silver Letra award for interior design

The arty hotel lobby at the Barceló Málaga has once more been recognised for its innovative design. On this occasion, it was the Letra Awards – recognition for visual and graphic environmental communication- who have given the Silver Letra Award for the Best Signwriting in Fixed Interior Design.

These awards, backed by Veredictas – a respected company specialised in the creation and development of standards of excellence – certify the excellence of a work in external communication such as this project in the B-Lounge lobby at the hotel, an avant-garde space focused on culture and the leisure time of their guests and featuring innovative design.

The professionals from Narita Estudio are responsible for this project where, using illustrations and texts in vinyl, they have provided the hotel with its own universe where urban culture and travel romanticism unite to tell a story to the visitor. Located at the María Zambrano train station, the hotel welcomes visitors using this avant-garde signwriting and turns the B-Lounge into a place that recreates the history and the footprint of the eternal traveller.

This award, supported by the Veredictas company, is the highest reference point in the digital printing and visual communication sector in Spain and, therefore, it is a great recognition for the hotel.

The Barceló Málaga hotel is a perfect example of an urban hotel with a connection to the world of art and culture – visible in the various rooms with avant-garde design reminiscent of surrealist works of art – and because of the unique design.

The B-Lounge lobby, which has received several awards, was created by the interior designer Jordi Torres, who turns the traditional idea of a hotel upside down with a confident selection of organic, shiny and colourful surfaces which incorporate the bravest feature of the hotel: the EDHA (Sliding Structure for Daring Humans), a spectacular 6 metre slide that links the first floor with the lobby.

The Barceló Málaga hotel is a benchmark hotel for the Meetings & Events industry on the Costa del Sol, not just because of its surprising design, but also due to how it is constructed. The kitchen is located in the centre surrounded by the meetings rooms, allowing us to provide a quick and efficient service without interrupting hotel clients or the activities and development of events. The convention centre is situated in an area where it does not interfere with the day to day activities of hotel guests, ensuring that the comings and goings of delegates or noise from speeches or events will not affect them.

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