The art of personalising the catering for corporate events

personalización del catering

Every good events professional knows the importance of the catering to create a good impression. The quality of the food and the presentation of the dishes are really important aspects that you need to take great care with. Something to remember is that everything communicates, including the catering.

However, there are some professionals that will not be satisfied with just that. It is not enough for them to serve good quality food. They want to surprise and so they use the catering as another element of communication.

If you want to know how to take your catering to another level, carry on reading this article.

José Antonio González, Executive Chef at the Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento works alongside Laurentino Jiménez, Master Pastry Chef. The two of them form a great team and have specialised in personalising the catering for events.

Their creations could be displayed in showcases, as they are true works of art. They have managed to create added value for the companies that organise events at the hotel.

eubea festival Personalisation is not just limited to reproducing logos and figures for corporate events. They have gone much further than that; they have created a menu based on colours, using the Pantone colour chart, so that the events organisers can choose the dishes and food that best represent their brand image.

This innovative and original concept has given a creative twist to event catering. Not only to integrate it as an additional communication element, but that it is able to surprise by creating an experience for the senses. The guests can smell and taste the colours of the brand hosting the event.

personalización del cateringJosé Antonio has been managing the kitchen area of the hotel for more than 24 years and manages a team of 30 people. Laurentino, before leading the pastry section, has worked at other emblematic hotels around the world, including in the city of Shanghai.

The two of them have been the mainstay of the catering for innumerable events at the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento and have aimed to provide unforgettable experiences for guests that go much further than just tasting different dishes. From themed dinners where guests embark on a virtual voyage around the world with different styles of cuisine to brand presentations where the dishes demonstrated the differentiating values of the product.

As José Antonio says in an interview, “the personalisation of the catering at an event is the speciality of this hotel. We know how to transmit the image of a company through food with menus that use the corporate colours of the company or with dishes that recreate a journey through the history of the business.

Eventos Barceló Sevilla RenacimientoOn one occasion, for Renault, we made an “electric dessert” for the presentation of its first electric vehicle. To do this, we created a dessert with popping candy giving the diners the sensation of having electricity in their mouths when they ate it. Our client was delighted and surprised by this way of using gastronomy to transmit the essence of the brand and the product being presented”.

What we do today is no good for tomorrow, there is no greater reinvention than that. The art created in this kitchen is a truly ephemeral thing, it lasts until the client has their first bite. Each dish and every menu is something completely new.

There are many ways to create the “wow” factor using the catering, not just by personalising it. The key is to be creative and to be very clear about the message you want to transmit to your public.

The quality of the ingredients and the preparation are essential, but you must always remember that the catering is not just the what, but also the how.

The involvement of the staff at the venue where the event is being held or of the catering company (if using external catering providers) is vital in order to be successful. If you are also looking for something out of the ordinary and to create a unique experience, the best way is to surround yourself with the right suppliers, with the experience and ability to carry out your idea.

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